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Dancing Astronaut’s 5 Under 5k: Vol. 19

5 Under 5k is a feature on Dancing Astronaut dedicated to spotlighting talented upcoming and undiscovered artists who we believe deserve more exposure. Each edition of 5 Under 5k will highlight five artists from a wide variety of genres with under 5,000 followers on SoundCloud (at the time of writing).

A SoundCloud playlist of the tracks featured can be found at the end of the article.

J. Worra (1,965) is a young house producer from Los Angeles who is starting to nail down her sound, turning it into the sound that will set her apart from the crowd. Her latest remix is a jackin’ vocal tech house track with a solid groove and heavy bass line, providing a solid testament to her burgeoning style.

Kas:st (753) are a duo from Paris, France, who own a label, Flyance Records, and produce deep, dark, and ambient techno. The track below, “Emotional Progress,” is part of their most recent release and does a great job showing off all three of the above characteristics.

Hydrah (312) has an emotionally charged yet minimal style that puts to use her skills as not only a producer, but also as a classically trained pianist, cellist, and vocalist. Her latest track “Ominous” is an atmospheric piece that explores the intersection between heavy electronic elements and soft piano and strings.

EGZOD (4,999) is right at the point of coming into his own sound, which he has dubbed “world bass.” His track “Celestial” is a powerful track that, featuring Aotu, an artist featured in Vol. 11 of 5 Under 5k, shows off this new sub-genre spectacularly.

ishi (1,965) has an interesting combination of influences that combine to create some uniquely awesome music. Case in point, their latest track, “Crocodile Tears,” features rap and hip-hop vocals overtop a minimal house instrumental, and they pull it off with style.

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