University Professor claims that techno can help improve educationMMU Dancingastronaut

University Professor claims that techno can help improve education

In a recent report, Professor Pete Dale of Manchester Metropolitan University, proposed the idea that integrating techno into standard music programs can fundamentally change education.The expos√© points to the fact that genre’s enjoyed by young adults such as techno, are often considered the least in formal learning environments. Beyond classical training, lessons in music that students acknowledge as “their own” can potentially help them engage their other interests.

Professor Pete Dale further states:

“For a lot of these kids, they’ve grown up with this music. Their parents were probably ravers in the heyday of ‘acid house’. School music lessons, however, very rarely even acknowledge its existence within British culture”.

At the core of his argument, Dale clearly highlights the importance of making classrooms relevant to students as a means of avoiding cultural alienation.

H/T: Mixmag

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