Martin Garrix has the best digs at CoachellaMartinGarri 6224

Martin Garrix has the best digs at Coachella

Martin Garrix lives a charmed life. The Dutch superstar’s breakthrough “Animals” went to the top of the charts almost immediately and the producer hasn’t slowed down since. Befitting his status as one of the biggest names in music, Garrix is performing at this year’s Coachella and he’s doing it in style with undoubtedly the best digs in Indio.

As if just playing the festival weren’t enough, AirBnB provided Garrix with a drool worthy mansion for his personal use both weekends — an estate, mind you, that is said to be worth $5 million. Judging from photos, that figure may be an understatement.

Martin Garrix has the best digs at CoachellaGarriBnb Martin Garrix has the best digs at CoachellaGarriBnb2

Garrix himself seems to be making the most of his time at the listing; judging from his activity on Twitter and Instagram, the producer appears to be particularly fond of the pool and the emoji rafts that are provided.

Martin Garrix has the best digs at CoachellaGarriPool

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In summation: we’re even more jealous of Martin Garrix than we were before and Couchella has never felt lonelier.

For those unable to make it to Weekend 2 of Coachella, stay tuned to DA for coverage and streams of the festival’s biggest acts, including Garrix himself.

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