Experience Showtek’s ‘versatility’ through the drops of their Ultra 2017 setShowtek Ultra Rukes

Experience Showtek’s ‘versatility’ through the drops of their Ultra 2017 set

Like mixing a margarita without any mixer, the Youtube channel Drops Only prides itself on its ability to distill down festival sets into five minute compilations of simply the drops only. Reducing an hour or so of their Ultra set into quick cuts between the loud saw synths in “Cannonball,” the similar reverb-heavy saw synths in “We Like to Party,” and yet again more big room saw synths in “Bad,” Drops Only has released an almost riveting compilation of just the drops in Showtek‘s Ultra set from a few weeks back. Because, why wait in anticipation for a drop almost all dance music fans know and have heard many a time, when the magic of video editing can distill carefully mixed builds and break downs into quick cuts between the best parts of the songs?

This video is nearly objective evidence that Showtek truly had the crowd in their hands. Over and over, the songs they drop cause fans to jump up and down while pointing in the sky. Around 40 seconds in, a Showtek fan walks-like-an-Egyptian to an unreleased track while sporting the weekend’s most unsettling baby mask. Moreover, fire and fog machines make almost every drop more confusing and complicated. Showtek truly demonstrate their showmanship in this set, and Drops Only has cut out the middle man. More precisely, they cut out the middle of every songs, the part more sophisticated dance music listeners know is secondary to the drop. In an innovative step toward efficiency, this Showtek Drops Only video is perfect for fans that are just too busy to experience their set in full.

Watch the “tequila-only” version of Showtek’s Ultra set below:

Featured Image by Rukes.

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