Leaked track list off new Zhu album features unexpected collaboratorsZhu Tracklist

Leaked track list off new Zhu album features unexpected collaborators

Fan hype around new Zhu music cannot be understated. A cryptic video recently on Zhu’s Youtube page teases at the possibility of a new album in the works, but gives little information on its release. More details of the track list on this hotly anticipated record have apparently leaked revealing some of the hot collaborator the grammy nominated producer has booked. Most noteworthy on this list, what may soon be a certified Mellogang banger, is called “Tone Deaf” rumored to be co-produced by Marshmello. Additionally, “Too Familiar” is listed on the leaked list as an impending collaboration with the well liked Chainsmokers duo. What many expect to be a tropical house wonder, “Banality” features Kygo. Both David Guetta and Steve Aoki supposedly have their respective tracks with Zhu, as do Afrojack and Zedd. Alan Walker makes the list with a track called “Popularity Complex.” It is no wonder the rising musician called “the next Daft Punk” by the New York Times is able to attract these big names, They are all certainly popular dance music producers.

Upon reading a recently leaked track list from this imminent album, certain fans may be surprised by some of the limelight stars with which the musician chose to collaborate. Especially considering the recent video, some of the collaborations listed here are with artists many assumed to be far off the Zhu’s radar. Rather, some may think this would make more sense as a list of artists with which the reclusive “Faded” creator would never collaborate. A spokesperson from Zhu declined to comment. Also remaining silent on this controversy, Zhu had remained anonymous until 2014, when he decided to tell everyone his first name. It wouldn’t be fair to judge these unreleased tracks without hearing them first. Nonetheless, in light of these recent leaks, Steven Zhu may want to consider brining back the whole anonymous thing.

Full track list:

  1. Zhu x Marshmello – “Tone Deaf”
  2. Zhu x Kygo – “Banality”
  3. Zhu x Chainsmokers – “Too Familiar”
  4. Zhu x Alan Walker – “Popularity Complex”
  5. Zhu x Afrojack – “One Trick Pony”
  6. Zhu x Zedd – “Electro is Dead”
  7. Zhu x David Guetta – “Lobotomized”
  8. Zhu x Steve Aoki – “Music Theory”

Leaked track list off new Zhu album features unexpected collaboratorsZhu Tracklist

Happy April Fools’ Day, from your friends at Dancing Astronaut.

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