Spotify is working on its own ‘category defining’ musical hardwareHow To Listen Spotify Music Offline For Free

Spotify is working on its own ‘category defining’ musical hardware

Online streaming website Spotify, which recently hit 50 million paid subscribers, may be ready to expand to hardware. According to a recent job listing, Spotify is looking for a senior product manager for “a category-defining product akin to Pebble Watch, Amazon Echo and Snap Spectacles.”

The selected candidate will create “frictionless and creative Spotify experiences via fully-connected hardware devices.” While there is no concrete knowledge about what the device will be, many tech forums have already started speculation on the matter. There is a high probability that the Spotify device will be some of wearable tech like the Apple smart watch, a form of innovation that has been gaining market traction over the past few years.

Though a Spotify activation will surely excite the service’s hardcore fan base, it’s hard to imagine a product that would be broadly usable in the same way as the Amazon Echo, for example, which boasts integrations across other commonly used services and has a wide range of applications. While the listing seems to suggest that their mystery product will change how we listen to music, it’s difficult to imagine that’s true as most potential hardware innovations in the streaming industry are derivative of portable music players past.  That being said, all initial reports are purely speculation as no official details have currently been made available.

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