Despite technical difficulties, deadmau5’s TESTPILOT set impressed at its peak [Video]Deadmau5 Stoge

Despite technical difficulties, deadmau5’s TESTPILOT set impressed at its peak [Video]

On Sunday, May 28, deadmau5 performed his long-awaited Movement headlining set as TESTPILOT, his techno-driven alter-ego. Unfortunately, technical difficulties due to weather-related issues disrupted much of the set, leading to another widely-discussed comedic onstage rant.

However, despite the inevitable impediments which Joel Zimmerman faced Sunday night did not prevent him from doing a spectacular job with the hand he was dealt. Outside of the hindrance of Detroit’s rain, the set which TESTPILOT purveyed was genuinely astounding.

At its peaks, as one would expect, the combination of Zimmerman’s sharp tastes with his mixing finesse and production resources yielded an impeccable techno show on the country’s largest stage for the genre. The thoughtful synchronization of the performance’s minimal visual arrangements with TESTPILOT’s cerebral, sinister track selection bore a spectacle which hopefully will be performed again soon in an unabridged live context.

Offering a silver lining to the setbacks of the performance, deadmau5 has announced that he will be re-recording his Movement set in full to be broadcast on the June episode of his BBC Radio 1 Residency show.

Though, sometimes, things get complicated, it’s important not to discount deadmau5’s momentous TESTPILOT project just yet.

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