REZZ blends melody and malice in her remix of No Mana and Zashanell’s ‘Clear’REZZ Hard Summer Goggles Hair Flow Rukes

REZZ blends melody and malice in her remix of No Mana and Zashanell’s ‘Clear’

It’s solidly evident that REZZ has been perpetually at work for the duration of her young, yet illustrious career. However, while Isabelle Rezazadeh began her year on a prolific note, her studio output has slowed down over the course of her spring tour. Three months after the release of her last song, “Silent Hill,” REZZ has returned to the airwaves with a remix of “Clear,” by her mau5trap compatriots No Mana and Zashanell.

For her revision, Rezazadeh opts to invert the mesmerizing, gradually progressive nature of the original track’s production through an infusion of her razor-edged synthesis and cyclic percussion; however, she doesn’t eliminate the track’s mellifluous essence. Rather, she combines the two seemingly diametric musical forces into an unpredictably complementary whole. In some areas, REZZ’s remix recalls the essence of Bassnectar’s more melodic work, but with an industrial twist – a style which she’s explored in the past with her Something Wrong Here EP.

Though some may mistakenly believe that REZZ a stranger to softer sonic elements, her latest release is a compelling reminder of her rare knack to blend the beautiful and the bellicose with remarkable seamlessness.

Featured image via Rukes/HARD Summer.

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