THEY. – U RITE (Louis Futon Remix)Louis Futon U Rite

THEY. – U RITE (Louis Futon Remix)

Louis Futon has had a busy year. He’s been flipping songs (everything from Frank Ocean to Kendrick Lamar) while continuing to work on his own original content, like his track “Surreal” with RKCB. In the midst of all of this, he’s also had time to remix THEY.‘s track, “U RITE.”

“Been a while since I dropped a banger,” the producer mused on his Facebook page upon posting the remix.

While the term “banger” is typically overused and implies generic EDM, Futon’s remix of THEY. is anything but that. With deep, pounding bass and an almost haunting melody line in the background, he’s stripped down and hollowed out the original track, making it even more dramatic.

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