Parents of dead EDC attendee suing Insomniac, Live NationEDC Gaia Main Stage 2017 Skewed

Parents of dead EDC attendee suing Insomniac, Live Nation

On June 12, 2015 during that year’s Electric Daisy Carnival, 24-year-old Nicholas Austin Tom overdosed after ingesting MDMA. His parents are now suing the production companies behind the event, Insomniac Holdings and Live Nation Entertainment, alleging that the two companies were unprepared to offer adequate medical assistance at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway when their son needed it most.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs claim that Tom suffered a seizure and then collapsed after ingesting the illicit drug. Other attendees were then slowed in their attempts to get him to the proper personnel by the large crowds and loud, disorienting music. Further, upon arriving at a medical tent, the lawsuit claims it was unattended and Tom was left alone for 30 minutes—during which, he died.

Tom’s parent’s lawsuit claims that Insomniac and Live Nation didn’t have proper medical supplies or trained staff available on-site to properly administer to their son, though during 2015, there were more than 1,400 medical calls placed, with more than 24 attendees admitted to the hospital and 0 other casualties.

At the time, an Insomniac spokeswoman issued a statement reiterating the company’s zero-tolerance regarding illicit drugs at their events.

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