Willco makes Fall Out Boy palatable in ‘I Don’t Care’ remixWillco Chris Webster

Willco makes Fall Out Boy palatable in ‘I Don’t Care’ remix

Willco is best known for his lowbrow, yet highly-meticulous “Literally Fuck Genres” mixes, in which he blends deeply incongruous songs together to create absurd final products. Though the Australian producer went viral because of his brand of musical trolling, his legitimate skill for production shouldn’t be discounted; over the past several years, he’s shown an impressive acuity for producing well-honed bass and future bass music.

The artist’s newest remix (or, his newest “Fuck,” as he so charmingly deems it) sees him take on Fall Out Boy – perhaps the band most synonymous with the emo genre that is so loathsome to much of the American populace. Though, by many accounts, it wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that Fall Out Boy is “grating” or “borderline” unlistenable,” Willco uses his rare talent for molecularly shifting songs for good in his revision of the track.

By layering the vocals of “I Don’t Care” on top of his original future bass production, the producer turns Patrick Stump into Michael Bublé, creating a smooth, sedate song from the Fall Out Boy’s less-desirable hit. It takes a legitimately talented artist to change a listener’s attitude toward a song or genre entirely through a remix – and Willco just managed to make one of emo’s most recognizable songs sound good.

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