AFEM works with Help Musicians UK to create mental health support lineAfem2

AFEM works with Help Musicians UK to create mental health support line

Acting not only as a global voice but also support network for those in the music industry, the Association for Electronic Music has taken things a step further in their latest initiative. After brainstorming their vision into a reality, AFEM has worked alongside with Help Musicians UK to announce their ‘Music Minds Matter’ campaign; a 24/7 mental health helpline open to the public. After the recent passing of Chester Bennington and the impact it placed on not only fans but music world in general, this joint venture has laid the groundwork for supporting the increasing need to focus on not only one’s physical health but the valued importance of their mental health as well.

Music Minds Matter aims to provide a wide-variety of support that includes providing advice, campaigning and educating on the importance of mental health and fostering the growth of the community and their well-being. Raising over £100,182 to support the launch of this campaign, AFEM has placed continuous efforts into highlighting the need for health and diversity within the electronic music industry.

All donations are welcomed to support the growth of this campaign.

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