Guy J fashions ethereal remix of Third Son’s ‘Climb To The Sun’Climb To The Sun Guy J Field Trip Remi

Guy J fashions ethereal remix of Third Son’s ‘Climb To The Sun’

Guy J does a wondrous job at capturing the original ethos of tracks he remixes in his own lens — such is the certainly the case with his most recent “Field Trip Remix’ of Third Son and Haptic’s collaborative piece, “Climb To The Sun.”

While the original follows a bit more of an 80’s-inspired direction with its instrumentation and structure, Guy J takes things into an even more emotive direction with drawn out, ethereal chords underlining sharp percussion that hits the ears at a pleasurable angle. That said, “Climb To The Sun’s” nostalgic vocals continue to be the centerpiece of his version as well, promoting a sense of calmed contentment with each listen.

Third Son recently released his debut LP 2042 on Microcastle, providing fans an intimate look inside himself by way of dynamic soundscapes and enticing melodies. His and Guy J’s shared affinity for quality progressive make them a perfect team to collaborate on a remixed track.





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