Kevin Saunderson revamps his classic E-Dancer album with ‘Heavenly Revisited’Kevin Saunderson

Kevin Saunderson revamps his classic E-Dancer album with ‘Heavenly Revisited’

Nearing the 20-year anniversary of its initial release, Kevin Saunderson has revamped Heavenly, a striking and alluring album produced under his E-Dancer pseudonym. Released in 1998, the LP tore through club sound systems across the world, allowing Saunderson to make his mark on the hearts, and ears, of the music industry.

Two decades later, we now have Heavenly Revisited, the holy grail of techno tastes. Reminiscent of its original form, the new rendition of the album taps into the treasure trove of 120-128 BPM, satisfying Saunderson’s fans in the house music realm. The fresh LP contains completely reworked and re-mixed versions of the 1998 originals, including “Banjo,” “Heavenly,” “Oombah,” and many more. Not only does the collection include flips off the original album, Heavenly Revisited includes new additions “Foundation,” “Into the Future,” and “One Nation.”

Over the years, Saunderson has picked up a multitude of aliases which has allowed him to dive head first into experimentation with beats and sounds. His Inner City alias sold over six million records worldwide. Not only has he mastered the making of music, he also calls himself founder of KMS, a record label that has stood strong in the music industry since 1987.

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