Looks can be deceiving: only 60% of ‘Molly’ capsules actually contain MDMAMdma

Looks can be deceiving: only 60% of ‘Molly’ capsules actually contain MDMA

One should always expect a certain degree of risk if choosing to purchase and consume street drugs. A new study by the Journal of Pychopharmacology has found that when it comes to the ever-popular substance “Molly (MDMA),” that risk is considerably larger than what many of its consumers think.

Of 529 caps sampled within the study taken from the non-profit organization DanceSafe, only 60% contained any sort of MDMA at all. In other words, if this ratio applies to all Molly sales across the US, those buying doses of the drug for a fun weekend out are taking a high-risk gamble – one in which the odds that what they’re buying is different than what they think it is are at nearly 50%. 13 of the samples contained methamphetamine, while 3 contained the deadly drug PMA, which recently became publicized for causing multiple medical issues in the UK when being sold under the guise of MDMA.

Perhaps the most shocking part of the study is that after surveying those buying such drugs, a whopping 26% said they would still ingest what they paid form even after discovering there was no trace of MDMA in the pill, especially considering most prefer ‘Molly’ over pressed ecstasy pills due to it being advertised as a purer, powder form of the drug. It seems a segment of the population really likes to live their life on the edge. For those who prefer to be safe and healthy, these findings highlight the importance of testing substances before taking them, and ensuring they’re purchasing substances from as trustworthy a source as they can.

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