WATCH: Killer techno track uses only Star Wars samples [VIDEO]Darth Raver

WATCH: Killer techno track uses only Star Wars samples [VIDEO]

The Star Wars franchise is undeniably an integral part of American pop-culture, with an almost fanatical fandom that is religiously involved in every aspect of the Star Wars brand from the movies to the sought-after merchandise.

Given the breadth of Stars Wars, it’s little surprise that that many also happen to be DJs — as espoused by the number of remixes of the Star Wars theme that are available on the internet. However, the latest such “remix” is rather bizarre: it’s made exclusively from the audio effects found in the films.

This odd creation is the work of Eclectic Method, a group that specializes in making music using sound effects, has been created to resemble a typical 90s rave track.  Another interesting aspect is the video, which is synced to the moments throughout the films when the sounds were sampled.

H/T: Mixmag

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