Trippy Turtle announces debut EPTrippy Turtle Ep

Trippy Turtle announces debut EP

Trippy Turtle left us a hint about his new EP a month ago. The elusive Jersey Club producer posted a creative chopped-up version of Soulja Boy‘s “Crank Dat” in mid-June, slyly tipping the world off about a future collaboration with the rapper.

Luckily, Trippy has quickly followed this up with an announcement for his debut EP. On July 21, he posted a caption-less photo to social media outlets disclosing the track list of his upcoming collection of music. Titled The Trippy EP, features five tracks and collaborations with Soulja Boy, Lil B and Disco Duck. Though there’s no word on a release date, the EP is sure to be filled of Trippy’s signature Jersey Club goodness.

In addition to the EP announcement, Trippy’s record label, Fofofadi Records, just launched a website. The colorful site includes artist bios, merchandise, and information about the label itself. The CEO’s EP announcement graces the home page, with a short note saying the set of music will be “coming soon.”

Perhaps more excitingly, the producer has revealed who is behind the turtle outfit. As we all assumed, it’s none other than Emma Watson. Who knew?

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