Baytek – Anchor ft. Cyrus (Original Mix)Artwork 5987bf4fef259

Baytek – Anchor ft. Cyrus (Original Mix)

Breaking into the industry at 19 years old, Baytek rose from a bedroom producer to working alongside some very prominent names in dance music. After progressing and growing his catalog, the now 21-year old has seen immense success with his releases to date. From his debut EP Rise, to popular remixes of established house tracks, Baytek has experimented amongst genres to create a limitless profile for himself.

Now collaborating with seventh season X-Factor winner Cyrus, the two have effectively merged their respective talents to produce “Anchor”, a cinematic release that takes a diverging approach to Baytek’s current musical library. Focusing on raw vocals that stream seamlessly over prolific synth lines, “Anchor” easily grips listeners from beginning to end.

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