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Louis Futon releases lively new single ‘Rewind’

Louis Futon‘s sound is never stale, his moves in the studio never stagnant. A dynamic double threat, Futon has consistently demonstrated his fluency in the remix realm, producing innovative takes on tunes like Frank Ocean‘s “Solo,” and Just A Gent‘s “Limelight.”  Yet Futon’s intricate remixes of tracks across genres are only complemented by his own distinctly melodic productions.

Ever pushing the boundaries of his own sound, Futon exhibits the very investment in layered instrumentals that has earned him acclaim on previous releases in his latest offering, “Rewind.” While best friends are credited as those that “have one’s back,” Louis Futon’s best friends are credited as collaborators on the track. Futon has partnered with vocalist Ashe and hip-hop artist Armani White to produce a single that radiates personality. Although notably more soulful in nature than Futon’s ROZES collab, “Wasted On You,” “Rewind” is its trumpeting relation, boasting a comparable complexity — yet differing in its jazzy, musically exclamatory nature. A song that demands not merely to be heard, but to be rewound and listened to repeatedly, “Rewind” is a vibrant expansion of Louis Futon’s sound.

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