Steve Angello drops first installment of his new album and talks ‘Church’ influencesSteve Angello

Steve Angello drops first installment of his new album and talks ‘Church’ influences

Steve Angello recently announced a new album is due this year, however the producer wasted no time releasing an EP today called Genesis — featuring two of the songs from the album. The two songs titled “Breaking Kind” and “Rejoice” were released this morning on Spotify, and Angello took to Facebook Live to talk more about Genesis. The producer spoke about how he wanted the music to be released around Christmas and to have a “Church” vibe. “It was my electronic church,” Angello commented on the first installment of his album. While Genesis was not released around Christmas, it’s apparent that the tracks, particularly “Rejoice,” have gospel and Christmas influences.

Later on in his Facebook live, Angello explained that the album will be broken up into three different acts. The first is Genesis, or the birth of the album. The second will be titled Inferno, and the third will be the ending, Paradise. The tour for the album will be called the ‘Almost Human’ tour where he will be showcasing all three acts.

Listen to Genesis, and be sure to learn more about the first installment of his new album by watching Steve Angello’s Facebook Live.

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