There’s a slim chance that Shambhala programming will proceedScreen Shot 2017 08 13 At 12.30.14 PM

There’s a slim chance that Shambhala programming will proceed

The sun might not set on Shambhala just yet.

Located on the Salmo River Ranch, the festival closed early yesterday afternoon amid reports of a nearby spreading wildfire. Although Shambhala was clear in its statement that the fire posed no immediate threat to ticket holders, festival organizers recognized that the festival’s cancellation would be in everyone’s best interest from a health and safety standpoint. Much like Saturday, the third day of the festival has been cancelled, shutting down more than eighty scheduled performances.

While prospects remain bleak for a Shambhala restart, on social media, festival organizers are hopeful that some of the weekend’s programming could resume due to a predicted rainy forecast for the day. The festival, however, is officially over unless further notice is given by festival organizers. The chance that the festival will reopen is slight, but nonetheless, possible.


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