Facebook is offering hundreds of millions of dollars for music rightsFacebook Video1

Facebook is offering hundreds of millions of dollars for music rights

With the growing popularity of video content on Facebook, the website is attempting to step up its game and allow its users to legally include songs in the videos they upload.

Facebook Inc. has offered major record labels and music publishers hundreds of millions of dollars so its users can use songs legally. Currently, rights holders must request that users remove videos that include copyrighted music. Music owners have been working with Facebook for months trying to find a solution, and Facebook has said it would build a system that would allow music to be tagged if it’s copyrighted. Unfortunately, such an effort could take years to build.

With the way the site is currently set up, users are going to continue to upload videos with music that violates the site’s copyright policies. It’s up to the rights holders to find the content and request that it be removed. If Facebook and rights holders were to come to some sort of deal, labels and publishers wouldn’t have to waste resources scouring the site for such content and would be able to gather some amount of royalties for the music being used.


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