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Premiere: Henry Saiz – In The Distance

Part of Henry Saiz‘ success thus far in the progressive and tech realm has been his unrelenting passion for his craft, and his willingness to travel outside the beaten path for musical inspiration. Take for instance his groundbreaking Balance compilation in 2011, where the Spanish pioneer recorded its entirety through cassette tapes.

Now, he rides full gear into the third quarter of 2017 — a landmark year thus far for him. With a second Balance compilation under his belt, his label’s landmark 10th anniversary, and a busier tour schedule than ever, the next step for Saiz is the forthcoming release of his audio-visual live album which he successfully crowdfunded in 2016.

This album is set primed to meet high expectations, given the fact that Saiz traveled across the globe and recorded each track in a different location with his band in tow. To give a little preview of the diverse and electrifying sounds that are likely to ensue, Saiz fashioned a brand new EP first, which he dropped off at the Californian label Culprit.

In The Distance opens with a glorious title track that naturally shows off his expert skill at sonic manipulation. Far-out melodies strummed by airy keyboards and synths flow effortlessly over subtle string accents and exotic percussion, immediately instilling a trance-like effect in the listener. Saiz doesn’t stop there, peppering in fluttery arpeggios in a minor key and crafty vocal edits to fully manifest “In The Distance’s” psychedelic effect.

Take a journey with In The Distance by purchasing it here.


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