Fake pharmaceutical ad hints at potential Eminem release1392769092 Eminem 18

Fake pharmaceutical ad hints at potential Eminem release

Earlier this week, Eminem’s manager and CEO of Def Jam Recordings, Paul Rosenberg, posted a photo on Instagram where he’s holding a CD of the latest Yelawolf album, Trial by Fire, ahead of its release October 27. But, thanks to Reddit, some sleuthing Eminem fans have taken it upon themselves to investigate the suspicious advertisement in the photo’s background.

The daunting ad features a drug called “Revival,” but oddly enough, no such drug exists. As it turns out,  the advertisement space, on top of featuring the same backwards “E” as Eminem’s logo was actually purchased by Eminem’s Interscope Records label, according to a listing on the Detroit Free Press.

Look what arrived at the Shady offices today! @Yelawolf TRIAL BY FIRE comes out this Friday 10/27! #cdbaby

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As it appears, the fake drug and enormous ad may all be apart of an elaborate ad scheme that portends a new album from Slim Shady. But things are taken even further, as the fake drug even has its own website which supposedly treats “Atrox Rithimus,” a non-existent condition. Additionally, an 800-number and elaborate video are on the site which make subtle, and yet rather revealing references to the rapper.

Upon entering the drug’s website, the text reads, “Seize the moment,” which is likely a tribute to a lyric from Shady’s Eminem Show track “Sing for the Moment.” “REVIVAL could be music to your ears,” it continues.

However, it doesn’t stop there. 

There’s also a commercial promoting the drug where an actor uses phrases like “lose yourself” and “I won’t waste my one shot.” And the bottom of the page reads:  REVIVAL is a non-injectable medication given through the ear canal, and is not intended for anal use. REVIVAL does not cause these side effects, but if you have them you should for sure seek medical attention, “I need a doctor.”

Of course, it has not yet been confirmed by the rapper or his team that Revival is, in fact, the title of Eminem’s forthcoming studio album, but it’s a safe bet, especially considering Eminem’s executed an incredibly intricate rollout before. For Relapse in 2009, the rapper’s team launched a website for a fictional rehab center called Popsomp Hills. 

Learn more about Revival here

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