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Moby enlists Hardwell to rework ‘Go’ for Black Lacquer Remix Project [Q&A]

Alongside a few other legendary acts, dance music founding father Moby was instrumental in helping to globalize the genre to its current widespread acclaim. In his recently released autobiography Porcelain, A Memoir, the electronica pioneer discusses his career from 1989-1999 and dedicates an entire chapter to one of his breakout hits “Go.” On the track, Moby – also known as Richard Melville Hall – layers “Laura Palmer’s Theme” from David Lynch’s Twin Peaks over the B-side to his debut single “Mobility.” Upon its release in 1990, “Go” unexpectedly catapulted into the British Top Ten and cemented Moby as a tastemaker in the genre.

Moby celebrated the art of the remix by launching the Black Lacquer Remix Project, enlisting over 40 of dance music’s biggest names to revise four of his hits including “Porcelain,” “Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad,” “Natural Blues,” and “Go.” Alongside the likes of Above & Beyond, Loco Dice, Sander Van Doorn and more, the figurehead taps Dutch big room maestro Hardwell for an energizing rework of “Go.” Hardwell delivers electrifying hi hats and pulsating synths to the original, taking a modernized spin on the 90s rave anthem. Hardwell’s rendition brings the nostalgic track from an early AM warehouse rave to the glitz and glam of the modern main stage 27 years after its release.

We caught up with Hardwell to discuss his high-profile remix of “Go” below:

Have you read Moby’s recently released memoir “Porcelain”?

Not yet, no. I know a lot of his back story so can only imagine the stories it features. Like any fan, hearing the journey he’s taken over this career of his is something I’m excited to discover. Few artists have gone through the experiences he has so I’ve no doubt it will be a fascinating read.

Are you familiar with the Black Lacquer Remix Project?

Yes, it’s a project I’m really happy to be a part of because hearing these records reimagined by other artists is an exciting part in the story of Moby’s music.

What does Moby mean to you?

He’s an incredible artist, a real pioneer and somebody who has broken down boundaries all the while staying true to what he believes in. I respect any artist that stays firm to their beliefs. It’s a part of what makes his music so special to me and millions of others.

Why did you choose to remix “Go”?

I picked one of my all time favourite Moby tracks. A hard thing to do because he has made some incredible records over the years but “Go”is such a standout track of his. What is special about this record is the instant impact it has on the crowd once they recognize it. It’s because of this feeling that I’ve always wanted to do a remix with it with Moby’s blessing.

Any tips for up and coming producers on the art of remixing?

With remixing I think you need to find your own identity within the track you are remixing. If you’re going to do something with the original then it needs to be unique. It needs to represent your sound and ideas and not just be another version of the original.

What about “Go” makes it so iconic? Is it attached to any memories for you?

I’ve played it countless times as a DJ and seen the reaction it creates and I’ve enjoyed it just as many times on the dancefloor as a clubber myself. It’s a timeless classic with such a fantastic energy and hook to it.

Describe your creative process for this remix. How long did it take to create, and where were you when you made it?

I played around with some ideas whilst on the road but the final remix was done entirely in my studio back in my home town Breda. I played around with a few of the ideas I had for a couple of days but I wasn’t feeling it, until i came up with what ultimately became the final edit. I love this version and love the fact that it still keeps a lot of the original essence in the remix.

How does it differ from other remixes you’ve done?

Well the obvious thing is my sound is very different to Moby’s so the challenge was to do something with his style and bring my own into it.

If Moby were to remix one of your songs, which one would you want him to remix?

I know an obvious choice would be “Spaceman” but it would be interesting to see what he could do with my current single “Creatures of the Night.”

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