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Justin Jay releases new album, ‘Ease Up’ music video

Dirtybird tech-house veteran Justin Jay has released his new LP, Home, along with an accompanying self-made music video for track “Ease Up,” featuring Josh Taylor. This is Jay’s second studio album — a definite product of exploration for the accomplished 24-year-old, as it flirts with elements of Tame Impala-esque psych-rock and funk.

The playful video stars and was produced by shaggy-haired Jay and his friends. Its psychedelic tones/overtures and distortion effects keep it in theme with the vibrant song itself.

“Ease Up,” while perpetuating Jay’s tech-house tendencies, especially in its 4×4 beat and loose energy. The track also features futuristic sampling and a chromatic design that is unique to Jay’s early discography. “Ease Up,” also breathes a vintage texture, most audible in the distorted vocals and free-flowing guitar riffs.

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