[UPDATE]The Gaslamp Killer accused of sexual assault in Twitter post; artist respondsScreen Shot 2017 10 13 At 10.31.13 AM

[UPDATE]The Gaslamp Killer accused of sexual assault in Twitter post; artist responds

Better known by his stage name The Gaslamp Killer, William Bensussen has been accused of rape in a recently published Twitter post that situates the alleged assault occurred four-years agoin 2013. According to the written account posted by a Twitter user named Chelsea (@chelseaelaynne), whose full name has not been disclosed, The Gaslamp Killer is said to have drugged Chelsea and her friend RaeAn during a party at the Standard Hotel. The artist allegedly handed each woman a drink that Chelsea presumes to have been drugged. “That was out first drink of the day. After that, everything is pitch black except for a few sharp but at the same time, blurry memories,” Chelsea writes.

Chelsea considers the sexual assault allegation to be confirmed by The Gaslamp Killer’s recent blocking of her Twitter account. “I would tag him, but today I noticed he has had me blocked, which pushed me over the edge and was the clearest admission of his guilt,” Chelsea stated, posting a picture of The Gaslamp Killer’s Twitter account, displaying a message reiterating that her account had indeed been blocked from viewing the DJ’s tweets.

While the sexual assault currently remains alleged, Chelsea followed her recent tweets with a screenshot of a direct message from The Gaslamp Killer, received by RaeAn. “Can we please talk right now? Your friend is accusing me of rape and I need you to back me up here,” the message reads.

The Gaslamp Killer camp has yet to make an official statement in response to these allegations. It is unclear at the time of publication if authorities are investigating these allegations.


The Gaslamp Killer has released a statement of his own on Twitter where he denies the allegations and insists his interactions with the accuser and other alleged victim were consensual.


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