This miniscule music player provides Spotify streaming sans internet connectionMighty Audio

This miniscule music player provides Spotify streaming sans internet connection

The age of owning music and storing it on a device has been quickly coming to an end at the advent of streaming platforms becoming the preferred method of music consumption. That said, these platforms have one very large Achilles’ Heel in that they’re completely dependent on an internet connection. Consumers wanting to listen to their music through platforms in a place lacking signal or on a phone with a limited data plan are thus left unlucky as a result.

Queue Mighty’s arrival: a brand-new music player that allows listeners to take their Spotify playlists anywhere, even in a place with zero cell signal or wi-fi. The tiny, square-shaped device not only holds up to eight gigabytes of Spotify material that users can wirelessly sync onto it, but it also boasts five hours of battery life per charge and a drop-proof, waterproof design. Additional specs include its voice-over system to select certain playlists and it ability to work with both bluetooth and corded headphones.

Mighty was created out of a necessity for a more convenient listening experience, according to its founders who were unhappy with the fragility of smartphones and their dependency on an internet connection to make music work. Like the MP3 players of old, Mighty in essence completes a historical cycle by once again allowing listeners to play their music independently of pricey data plans and the need to own a specifically sophisticated device.

While the player is still in its crowdfunding phase through Kickstarter, its appeal is certainly enough to carry it to mass markets.


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