HI-LO reworks Moby’s ‘Go’ for Black Lacquer remix project [Q&A]Hi Lo Moby Go

HI-LO reworks Moby’s ‘Go’ for Black Lacquer remix project [Q&A]

In his recent memoir Porcelain, house and techno trailblazer Moby reveals how his track “Go” helped to globalize electronic dance music to its current widespread acclaim. Chronicling Moby’s ascension from 1989-1999, the autobiography dedicates an entire chapter to “Go” where the artist layers “Laura Palmer’s Theme” from Twin Peaks over the B-side to his debut single “Mobility.” “Go” quickly became a 90s rave anthem and stands today as one of the most widely regarded remixes of all time.

27 years after the release of “Go,” Moby celebrates the art of the remix by enlisting over 40 producers to rework a handful of his most seminal tracks. In an initiative dubbed the Black Lacquer Remix Project, Moby calls on a wide range of artists with diverse electronic music backgrounds to rework tracks including “Porcelain,” “Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad,” “Natural Blues,” and “Go.”

Under his HI-LO alias, Oliver Heldens puts a deep house twist on “Go” by adding thumping percussion and orchestral organ sounds to the original. The new remix embodies Helden’s HI-LO alias, revealed in 2015 to be “all about the groove, bass lines and the way the music builds up and gets people dancing.” Heldens employs bass house, tech house and underground UK house elements on the new remix, returning “Go” to the forefront of club music.

The Dutch Heldeep Records label-head joins a high-profile list of remix artists including Above & BeyondHardwellLoco Dice and more on the Black Lacquer Remix Project. Listen to HI-LO’s fresh take on “Go” below, and dive deeper into his creative process on the remix as follows:

Have you read Moby’s recently released memoir, Porcelain?

Yes, it’s a fantastic book. I really enjoyed reading about the old days, especially from the perspective of a legend like Moby.

Are you familiar with the Black Lacquer Remix Project?

Yes I am. I think it’s a really cool project with Moby reaching out to a diverse spectrum of electronic dance music artists to re-work some of his most seminal tracks. Of course I’m very honoured that I could participate as HI-LO for the “Go” remix.

What does Moby mean to you?

Moby has been a huge inspiration for me. He’s one of the biggest-selling electronic producers of all time, with his roots in rave and techno bangers. I listened to his music a lot and I still do.

What does this track mean to you / why did you choose this track?

“Go” is regularly dug up and remixed for the modern dance floor, and it carries an emotional power that continues to resonate today. I thought it would be very cool to make a remix of it. I added a raw edge to the track with cool organ sounds, sweet percussion, deep bass action and a nice melodic breakdown.

Any tips for up and coming producers on the art of remixing?

Give your own swing to the song. Find your own sound that feels personal and don’t blindly follow trends. And of course do all of that with respect to the original track.

What about “Go” makes it so iconic? Is it attached to any memories for you?

“Go” is widely considered as one of the greatest rave classics of all time. I felt that the track had a right fit with my moniker HI-LO and of course I listened to the track a lot.

Describe your creative process for this remix. Where where you and how long did it take to create?

I’m not totally sure about where I made the track. I produce a lot while on the road. I do know that it didn’t take me too long creating the remix. I was simply very enthusiastic to remix “Go” into a version that fits today’s dance floors.

How does your remix of “Go” differ from other remixes you’ve done?

The track itself is already so cool. I added some sounds but tried to keep the original alive. Instead of mixing it into a house-y track I choose a deeper side with HI-LO.

If Moby were to remix one of your songs which one would you pick?

Oh wow, I would be very honoured. If it’s up to me, he’s free to pick one out of all of my songs.


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