Porter Robinson debuts new alias and song as Virtual Self [UPDATED]Porter Robinson Press

Porter Robinson debuts new alias and song as Virtual Self [UPDATED]

The wait for new Porter Robinson material is over — just not in the way we expected.

The producer has announced a new project called Virtual Self and has released his first single under the alias called “Eon Break.”

With racing synths and a furious beat, “Eon Break” is a gloriously complex track that borders on happy hardcore with its fast-paced rhythms. It’s reminiscent of Robinson’s days as Ekowraith around 2008-2010, leaving Porter fans wondering what’s next for the producer and his style.

Messages to Virtual Self’s Facebook page resulted in an eerily cryptic message, below.

Porter Robinson debuts new alias and song as Virtual Self [UPDATED]Virtual Self

In an effort to decode the new venture and Robinson’s next moves under this new project, the internet has uncovered some possibilities behind the new name. Twitter user Matt Nickerson and the Lionhearted fan group on Facebook have discovered a few possibilities when searching the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s database for “Virtual Self.” One is for an artist; the other for a record label — both filed by Andrew Goldstone, an entertainment lawyer. They’re both based out of North Carolina, where Robinson is from.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the trademark filings is the conditions under “goods and services,” which lists components of video games and software distribution. While this is all speculative for the time being, could Robinson be working on a video game or virtual reality-type experience in accordance with this new moniker? Only time will tell.


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