Spotify launches app for artistsSpotify Artist App Artwork

Spotify launches app for artists

As artists continuously work to market their music to listeners worldwide, having access to the latest data is key. Knowing how, where and by whom their music is being purchased and streamed is crucial to their success as artists.

Spotify has answered the call to these analytics requests with an app designed especially for the musicians and producers: Spotify for Artists.

The app is essentially a mobile version of Spotify’s artist dashboard — something artists have been asking for.

Miles Lennon, Spotify product manager, says making this accessible on mobile devices was the company’s top priority.

“The first thing we’re trying to achieve is meeting the artists’ needs to have mobility,” he says. “They don’t have desk jobs. While we have a desktop product, it’s not accessible to them.”

The app allows artists to update their profile and playlists, along with sharing what they’re listening to with fans. Along with being able to connect easily with their fans, artists will be able to see listener demographics including gender, age, location. In addition, artists will be able to see what their fans are streaming, how they listen, and what other music they access.

Though it’s only out for iOS right now, an Android version of the app is expected within a few weeks.

Spotify launches app for artistsSpotify Artist App Artwork

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