William Crooks – oceansWilliamCrooksOceans

William Crooks – oceans

William Crooks is a producer very much of his time and yet one set on forging his own unique path. He’s established his career, like so many others, via word of mouth on the internet. However, it’s the breadth of his productions — ranging from heavily sample-based chillhop to more intimate singer-songwriter compositions — that make Crooks stand out.

His most recent, “Oceans,” is indicative of the producer’s more experimental leaning edge. “Oceans” opens up steeped in melancholy, before transitioning into a rolling, almost funky section that is still fully channeled through a blue prism. Lush, autotuned vocals provide most of the melodic content, while Crook’s production creates a wavy, underwater vibe — fitting the track’s title perfectly.

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