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Adam K & Soha – Lost In Twilight (Feat. HALIENE & Matthew Steeper)

Long-serving Canadian producer Adam K found his feet during a turning point for electronic music. Finding a sweet spot between the melodic finesse of progressive house, the uplifting properties of heyday trance and the vocal prowess that came to spell the genre’s footsteps into mainstream culture, the Toronto native called the likes of Kaskade and Funkagenda collaborative peers whilst consistently executing tracks crucial to the genre’s now widespread appeal. Back on track this month alongside recurring peer Soha to reimagine their heyday single “Twilight,” “Lost In Twilight” remains music to the ears of anyone who fell in love with the Adam K sound as early as 2008, building steadily and flowing seamlessly whilst never overstepping its punch or muddying its softer progressive stamina. You don’t come to Adam K and Soha for top 40 bangers, you come for intricately woven club music with an unparalleled sense of soul, and almost a decade since their inauguration the dup still sounds sharp as ever.

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