Dirtyphonics & Sullivan King team up for compelling EP, ‘Vantablack’Dirtyphonics Sullivan King Vantablack

Dirtyphonics & Sullivan King team up for compelling EP, ‘Vantablack’

After the successful release of “Vantablack” on Monstercat a month ago, French producers Dirtyphonics have collaborated with metal-based musician Sullivan King to deliver a full-fledged energetic and genre-crossing EP.

The six-track Vantablack boasts a dynamic combination of hard-hitting bass production meshed with heavy metal chords and lyrics. From headbanging heavy-hitters like the EP’s namesake to more emotive tracks like “Sight of Your Soul,” each track of Vantablacdiffers from the next.

“We thought and wrote this EP like a metal piece and freed ourselves from what you can or can’t do,” Dirtyphonics commented on the production process.

Sullivan King expanded on the writing process for Vantablack, which took 11 months.

“We went into the project treating it as an album. We wrote more songs than what made it on the record. We treated ourselves like a band. We decided to do something different from what we would probably do for just a solo project record. We had to mentally prepare ourselves to get it to sound like this. Lots of experimenting, a lot of doing what we weren’t used to, and letting everyone have their say. The writing process of a record isn’t just as much about all the little details of how you want each track to be, but about how it ALL sounds together from start to finish. The listener being able to experience the emotion behind a project that took 11 months to work on,” he says.

The EP is in liaison with a slew of upcoming tour dates that open a whole new window of opportunity for the vibrant merger of electronic-based production and rock/metal infusion.

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