Listen to Caspa’s ominous 3-track ‘Ghost Town’ EPCASPA UKF1

Listen to Caspa’s ominous 3-track ‘Ghost Town’ EP

UK dubstep pioneer Caspa continues to rule the roost of bass music with his latest forward-thinking Ghost Town EP, out now on Bassrush Records. After a years-long booking relationship with Pasquelle Rotella and his team, it seemed only natural that the London native would select the Insomniac-run label to debut his biggest release of the year.

Caspa’s swaggering underground signature and penchant for low end bass lines continues to enthrall the masses with this newest menagerie of undulating bass. Clocking in at three tracks, the EP sets a tone that feels akin to one of Frank Miller’s menacing Sin City comic landscapes brought into the sonic realm. Audiophiles sit passenger side to Caspa’s mischievous late night cruise through some dystopian metropolis.

The leading track, “I Am Future,” melds time and space such that past, present, and future meet at one burning bass point with a killer spoken word sample and layers of mesmerizing metallic alien sound design. Galvanized by cavernous space between each precise element, the mood becomes tense and palpable throughout.

“What’s Happening To Me” lays out a more ominous terrain, upon which Caspa raises the energy with stabbing synths, seismic staccato riffs, and a sample from Bill Hicks’ powerful speech, “It’s Just a Ride.”

The EP’s closing track, “Ice Cold,” provides a final cacophony of bass, with it’s rippling chorus of groaning croaks, it’s rises and falls over a smoking beat, and a rhythmic fx that purrs across the sonic spectrum with hypnotizing charm. The more one plays the entire EP project, the more twisted and complex Ghost Town begins to shape out, revealing new tantalizing sounds and darker omens around every turn.

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