Berlin government set to invest in protection of nightclubsBerghain

Berlin government set to invest in protection of nightclubs

The Berlin government has pledged to invest €1 million in sound protection for various nightclubs throughout its city limits, according to Berlin based publication Tagesspiegel. The announcement comes in light of recent complaints from city residents about noise generated at large scale nightclubs.

Around 170 Berlin nightclub locations were forced to shut down from 2011 to 2015. Typically, when residents complain to city officials, the officials err on the side of caution, favoring residents over nightclub owners.

Now, Berlin’s city officials are taking preemptive measures to effectively soundproof its nightclubs, thereby mediating the concerns of residents and club owners.

The recent investment will fund renovations such as the placement of sound absorbing installations in venues, noise barriers in outdoor areas, and soundproofing the windows of local residents.

“The club culture has given Berlin so much that the city now has to save the clubs,” says Georg Kössler, club spokesman for the Green Group, who helped to arbitrate the funding approval.

How the money will be distributed is still unclear, but Tagesspiegel reports that a possible reference model would be the Hamburg model: wherein a charitable club foundation allocates funds as they see fit.

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