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Berlin nightclub bans CDJs, turntables

In what might just be the most hipster move ever made by a nightclub, Liquid Sky Berlin has banned the use of turntables and CDJs in the venue.

Conscious that turntables and CDJs are two standard tools for electronic music performances, Liquid Sky has further described the recent restriction, stating that the newly imposed limitations stem not from a sense of “disrespect” towards DJs, but from the club’s deviation from “ordinary DJ culture.”

“It’s [the ban] because we are not just another Berlin nightclub,” the post explains, “We support other formats/unique styles/different thinking/alternative tastes and emerging uses of both newer and older technology.”

While turntables and CDJs are indefinitely expelled from Liquid Sky, the club will nevertheless embrace those that DJ with short wave radios, Nintendo Game Boys, and even “hacked home-fitness-trainers.”

H/T: Mixmag

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