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Big Shaq releases ‘mans not hot’ remixes

As UK grime infiltrates mainstream music and meme culture simultaneously reaches its pinnacle time and time over, it’s only a matter of time before the two coalesce in what can only be described as “Man’s Not Hot,” the smash hit by Big Shaq. The track originated when Michael Dapaah appeared on BBC Radio 1Xtra as character Roadman Shaq for Charlie Sloth’s “Fire In The Booth” section of the shows programming, where he spit over UK grime artist Gigg’s track “Let’s Lurk” about not wanting to take off his coat while in the booth.

The subsequent remix went viral, gaining millions of views on Youtube to which Dapaah responded by changing his characters official stage name to Big Shaq and converting his freestyle into a single which is now known as the infamous “Man’s Not Hot.”

Now, the British comedian has released a package of “Man’s Not Hot” remixes which includes the likes of Black Caviar, HIGHSOCIETY, and Majestic, among others. The collection features a variety of remixers ranging from bass house to trap. Whether or not “Man’s Not Hot” will be immortalized in digital culture is unsure—although it’s damn near certain—but these remixes certainly won’t take it out of contention.

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