Edu Imbernon reimagines The xx’s ‘Lips’ with melodic poiseThe On Hold Artwork

Edu Imbernon reimagines The xx’s ‘Lips’ with melodic poise

Valencian Edu Imbernon has a gift. Everything the artist touches exudes a dulcet essence. It would almost seem as if his blissful tunes were created precisely for the hours before the sunrise or a dancefloor’s denouement.

Having already given his melodic treatment to The xx’s “Crystallised” in 2011 and “Reunion” in 2013, Imbernon’s now returned with a new rework of the trio. Surely, following up Jamie xx’s recent taking on of the group’s “On Hold” is a difficult feat, as the producer’s rework is a contender for one of the best remixes of the year, but Imbernon, of course, only manages to utterly impress.

He’s crafted a meticulous magnum opus with a considerably deeper dance aura. The track’s an expanse and intentional slow-burner, intertwining elements of deep, melodic house and electrifying electronica, but it’s one that listeners will be incapable of resisting in the late hours of the night or throwing on repeat for hours.

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