Henry Saiz debuts first track off of forthcoming albumHnery Saiz

Henry Saiz debuts first track off of forthcoming album

Spanish progressive & electronica star Henry Saiz has released the first taste of his forthcoming Kickstarter-funded album Human, which he will be releasing as Henry Saiz & Band. He raised over €73,000 for the project, which saw him travel to different corners of the earth to record in unusual natural settings and with unexpected local collaborators.

“The Golden Cage,” is an indie electronica hybrid with breathy vocals shimmering over slow-motion beats and a languid bassline as melancholy chord progressions play out through glistening synths. Saiz commented on this debut single and his inspiration for the project. He also notes that “The Golden Cage” was inspired by Dubai.

We were interested in those places that reveal aspects of what it means to be human, for better or for worse. It’s one of those places, a mirage that rises as if by magic in the middle of what until a few years ago was only desert, a place of wonders that hides a dark side, just like we all do.

“The Golden Cage” certainly leaves listeners wanting more. Humans’ full release date is yet to be announced.



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