Role Model releases melancholic ‘Arizona In The Summer’ EPIMG 4858

Role Model releases melancholic ‘Arizona In The Summer’ EP

Portland, Maine based Tucker Pillsbury, better known as Role Model, has released his debut EP, Arizona In The Summer. The project is laden with brooding emotion and outfitted with a mercurial wardrobe of atmospheric dressings; experimenting with lo-fi sound, surf rock influences, and downtempo, Role Model’s first EP sees the 21 year old artist refine his own singular sound.

The puissant tug of anxiety is a common theme in the projects central focus. The EP’s production began during a period of time where Pillsbury was recovering from a life threatening ski accident, and subsequently broke both of his wrists right after healing from the first accident. “Desperately, I was in need for someone out there to understand me” reflects Pillsbury.

Songs “i don’t rly like u” and “stolen car” are downtrodden, emotive ballads in which Pillsbury layers sonic elements in hierarchal fashion. Simplicity and a forthright attitude towards the songwriting process are integral to the success of Arizona In The Summer, with Pillsbury forsaking ostentatious glamor for painfully relatable subject matter.

“Super model” is a washed out cleanse from the emotional purgation on the EP’s first two tracks, reflecting on a super gorgeous model and playing with the narrative of out-of-this-world beauty and the implications of such beauty on a societal level.

The project closes with the nostalgic synths on “never give up,” a heart throb ballad complete with 80s inspired drums and atmospheric keys. Arizona In The Summer is an apt effort at candid introspection, and Role Model makes it irresistible.



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