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The Black Madonna confirms debut album

Dance music enthusiasts rejoice, as The Black Madonna is working on her debut album.

In a recent New York Times story, Marea Stamper unveiled she’s working on a new collection of music that serves as a navigational-venture between the “push-and-pull between clubbing’s opposite impulses.”

Stamper continues, “When you look at dance music’s core canon, there’s always been a tension between two poles,” she said. “One is a kind of utopianism like ‘Promised Land’ by Joe Smooth, and on the other hand there’s the realism you would hear in a record like ‘It’s a Cold World’ by Jamie Principle.” Tellingly, “He Is the Voice I Hear” has the elegiac fervor of gospel, another genre-straddling these poles. “Most of the album I’m working on is, in some way or another, trying to operate in that set of ideas.”

The article continued to name the Chicago artist Principle as one of three collaborators on the LP. Stamper’s also reportedly working with the Chicago hip-hop group Jyroscope and the DJ and vocalist Shaun J. Wright, formerly of the neo-disco-outfit Hercules & Love Affair. And while the album is yet to have a known title, track list, or release date, it’s an exciting debut to anticipate from the refreshingly socio-politically engaged act nonetheless.

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H/T: Resident Advisor, Source: The New York Times

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