Three-year-old throws a backseat jungle rave [WATCH]3yo Jungle Rave

Three-year-old throws a backseat jungle rave [WATCH]

Everyone understands the feeling of needing to bust out some moves when your favorite song comes on. For many of today’s three-year-olds, it might be a song from “Moana” or the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song that gets them dancing. But for Frankie Gibbons, it’s Shy FX’s “Original Nuttah.”

Mom Michaela Gibbons caught her son having the time of his life jamming to the 1994 ragga jungle track in the backseat on the way back from Frankie’s third birthday party in Staffordshire. She credits his love of fast-paced music to Frankie’s father, who used to be a DJ.

“He was just nodding his head but then he gradually got really into it which you can see on the video,” she says. “I was just laughing at him. He loves it. I think he just loves music in general but his favorite is anything fast he can dance to.”


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