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Spotify is testing a new Pandora-like playlist app

Spotify is testing a new Pandora-like playlist appSpotify StationsRemember the good ol’ days where the concept of “playlisting” didn’t exist aside from the “Top Tracks 2012” playlist someone spent hours creating in iTunes? This is when Pandora‘s non-interactive streaming service thrived in generating stations based on artist or genre, yet always creating chaos when an unstoppable ad came on. Now, with an on-demand streaming option, a recent acquisition by Sirius XM, and a ton of competitors, there’s no telling what the app’s future may hold, especially with a new Spotify app called Stations.

Stations is Spotify’s new take on non-interactive listening in the form of stations or playlists, described as “the easiest way to listen to the music you love. Totally free.” Currently, the ad-supported service is available exclusively for Android devices in Australia and not yet accessible in other territories. In the app’s description, the company explains that it plays music instantly when opened and can be changed by scrolling through other station options in large font. Similar to Spotify’s core algorithm, Stations will personalize your selection once it collects enough user data.

While Spotify claims it is simply testing a new product, this could take the Swedish entity one step closer to conquering the streaming market.

H/T: TechCrunch

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