Bear Grillz – Drop ThatBear Grillz

Bear Grillz – Drop That

For years, the EDM world speculated over the identity of nonsensical Firepower producer, Bear Grillz, setting the scene ablaze. He  first turned heads in 2013 after he was featured smoking a joint, and middle finger erect. It wasn’t until 2016 when he took to none other than  Jerry Springer to unveil the man behind the cartoon bear.

The Bear Grillz phenomenon has grown a cult-like following based around his outlandish persona and fondness for trolling EDM and its off-the-wall culture, most notably in his breakout track “EDM,” within which a girl exclaims she’s just “died a little bit inside” because her friend didn’t know what dubstep was.

His newest track, “Drop That” is not for the faint of dub-devotees. It’s thrashing guitar riffs, heavy metal death growls, and pounding snares are likely to assemble hair-whipping riots near and far.


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