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Kaytranada and Lou Phelps link up once more on ‘Come Inside’

Kaytranada‘s marquee collaboration credits could already form a line out the door and, if you add the list of high-profile hopefuls to that, the line could easily stretch all the way around the block. Despite already having acclaimed joints with the likes of André 3000, Chance The Rapper, Anderson .Paak and more under his belt, the Montreal-based beat maker still manages to keep some of his freshest compositions close to the vest, hitting his brother, rapper Lou Phelps, with the occasional beat — most recently on “Come Inside” featuring Toronto’s Jazz Cartier.

This isn’t the first time some of Canada’s finest have convened on a track, and much like the pieces the producer wrote for his younger brother’s 2017 mixtape, 001: Experiments, “Come Inside” ropes in a buoyant dose of danceable funk, accented by mischievous piano tropes, toeing the line into house territory. It’s a “slide across the floor and spit your best game” kind of cut that finds Phelps and Cartier swapping loose versework over a characteristically slick blend of sonics from Kaytranada. Safe to say we’ve got an early certified summer jam on our hands.

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