Marcus Marr releases intriguing ‘Familiar Five’ EPMarcusMarr Familiar5SG

Marcus Marr releases intriguing ‘Familiar Five’ EP

London’s own Marcus Marr has his hand in more than a few spheres of music. The multi-instrumentalist has a string of releases out on Jame’s Murphy’s DFA Records, a collaborative project with Nick Murphy underway, and a number performances at Berlin’s storied Panorama bar under his belt.

Marr cites the timeless soundscapes of classic rock, disco, soul and acid house as influences on his body of work, which veers towards atmospheric techno, but his discography transcends the bounds of the genre itself. His live DJ sets have been lauded for their high energy and entrancing grasp, such sets have given rise to touring accolades with such acclaimed artists as Hot Chip, Floating Points, Jacques Greene and Optimo.

On February 2, Marr released a new four track EP titled Familiar Five.

The project is described as a “tale of bizarre transformation.” “[Pointing towards] the fragile boundaries between dreams and reality.” Marr’s lyrics highlight the contentious nature of the human-versus-machine relationship, an enigma that are increasingly perplexing in the 21st century. As humankind become usurped by the very technology they created, the music of Marcus Marr — and others like him — provides a haunting backdrop to humankind’s venture into the unknown. Marr’s Familiar Five is one of the most unique electronic crossover EP’s of the 2010s, and will certainly bolster his legacy as an artist.

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