Pleasurekraft release debut album, ‘Friends, Lovers, & Other Constellations’PleasureKraft Debut Album 224

Pleasurekraft release debut album, ‘Friends, Lovers, & Other Constellations’

For nearly a decade, Pleasurekraft charted their own singular course of chart topping singles that exist at the intersection of expansiveness and danceability. The electronica group’s seminal releases — such as “Tarantula” and “The Most Dangerous Game” — served to solidify Pleasurekraft as one of the global electronic sphere’s most inventive acts. Their brand of atmospheric techno gathered them support from such genre heavies as Adam BeyerCarl CoxNicole Moudaber, and more.

Now, the group have released their debut album, Friends, Lovers, & Other Constellations.  The project shifts from the thunderous rhythms on standout singles such as “Tarantula” in favor of an expansive, atmospheric soundscape.

The LP is “something akin to a musical mission statement,” says the group. “To prove that there is more to dance music than just a 4/4 beat, cliche drug references, and party themed vocals.”

From Casey Gerald’s thought-provoking sermon on “G.O.D. (Gospel of Doubt)”, to the searingly cynical “Corpse Reviver Number 1″, this debut album is wholly visceral on a musical and thematic level.”

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