Premiere: Nytrix & Awakend release mesmerizing music video for ‘Breathe’Nytri 22Breathe22

Premiere: Nytrix & Awakend release mesmerizing music video for ‘Breathe’

Nytrix and Awakend released an absolutely mesmerizing music video for their collaborative tune, “Breathe,” out on Proximity. Sweeping landscapes serve as visual gloss to the track’s wildly immersive synths and atmospheric soundscape. Utilizing VR technology, Nytrix is able to create entire worlds birthed from hyper technology.

“The story takes place in Virtual Reality, which is a big metaphor for a relationship I was in” says Nytrix. “Most of the video lives in the blue and red color spectrum, the blue signifying the fantasy and blissful beginnings of a relationship, the red signifying total disaster ending.  You’ll also notice almost all of the Cinema 4D shots, of these new worlds we travel too, have pieces of glass floating around these really incredible structures, which is like, showing this amazing thing but how fragile it truly is.”

Nytrix organized a team of over 30 people to help edit the final product. “To be 100% honest, this video was a total nightmare to put together” he says, “and one of the most challenging things I’ve ever had to do.” The constructed team of Cinema 4D artists, editors and after effects editors spanned the globe throughout multiple continents and languages. “Organizing that many email chains and people was definitely the most challenging thing,” says Nytrix, “[amongst] communication with language barriers, and everyones time zones being different.”

The video and track immerse listeners into a hyper visual world in which sound and landscapes coalesce, the concept is certainly one of the most unique releases of its kind.

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