Brunetto ft Bearoid – HumanityHumanity Brunetto Bearoid

Brunetto ft Bearoid – Humanity

Brunetto is an artist who wears many hats; outside of creating music, he is also a behind-the-scenes fighter for underground dance. He recently signed onto Sincopat for a whimsical, yet profound “Humanity” alongside vocalist Bearoid.

“Humanity” oozes with indie-electro sound, weaving subtle hints of retro flavor into a contemporary canvas and lightening the mood with blissful melodies. The mixture of minimalism, nostalgia, and quirk is well-balanced and nuanced, making for a satisfying listen — Bearoid’s sparkling falsetto verses are the proverbial “icing on the cake.”

A plethora of others contributed their own takes on the original as well. Of the package, one standout is AFFKT. The Spanish producer adds a dancefloor-ready edge to “Humanity,” darkening it with a heavier low-end and a 4/4 kick. He retains the track’s indie spirit regardless, allowing its key elements to shine.

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